Free Speech Therapy Printables: Milestones, Hierarchies, and More!

speech therapy handouts

I started creating these developmental norms and milestone images for my Instagram account. Due to their popularity and numerous requests, I made them into free speech therapy printables. You can download the “SLP Handouts” PDF for your personal use!

I love creating these visuals because they serve as a great reference guide and tool to review speech development. I also use these as parent handouts or to have a visual while discussing developmental stages or concepts. They make fantastic educational, functional decor in my therapy space!

Print them and hang them on your wall, make a bulletin board with them, or print the 6 to a page and put them on a keyring!

free speech therapy printables

The printables cover a variety of topics and are not limited to development. I am continually adding to it!

Some examples include:

  • articulation/speech sound development (English and Spanish norms)
  • speech intelligibility level norms
  • vocabulary milestones
  • pronoun milestones
  • prepositions milestones
  • asking and answering questions norms
  • prompting hierarchy
  • play skills hierarchy
  • articulation hierarchy
  • language processing hierarchy
  • the four components of social communication
  • types of sensory processing disorder
  • the difference between a tantrum and a meltdown
  • sensory strategies to use in therapy
  • targets with common therapy toys, such as a toy kitchen, playhouse, and train set
  • labeled speech anatomy diagrams
  • areas of speech-language pathology
  • ways to elicit language development (graphic in English and Spanish)

Ideas for use:

  • handouts for caregivers and teachers
  • functional decor – posters or a bulletin board
  • save on your device to reference
  • print multiple to a page and put on a keyring
  • use while report writing

There are currently 60 images included, but I’m continually adding new visuals to this PDF, so be sure to redownload occasionally. You can follow me on Instagram or Facebook to see when I add a new one!

I hope these are helpful and informative!


speech therapy development
  • more topics
  • more in-depth charts and hierarchies
  • parent-friendly explanations and definitions
  • the research behind the handouts
  • color and black and white versions

What would you like to see added to the free speech therapy printables?

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free speech therapy handouts

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  1. These are such a great resource for all SLPs. Also such visually clear information to share with parents. Can you tell me how you printed them for the ring?

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