About Me

Welcome! I’m Allison, a speech and language resource author. I have primarily worked with diagnoses of autism, Down syndrome, and developmental delays in schools K-12 and private practice. My interests include early language development, language disorders, as well as understanding and incorporating sensory strategies into my sessions. I also have a daughter who is cleft-affected, which began a special interest in this particular population!

I love creating functional resources, providing inspiration and ideas for your caseload, and helping you streamline therapy planning.

My journey in creating resources began when I realized most of the materials I was using weren’t targeted to teach my pre-verbal, low-attention students effectively. I realized I needed to adjust my teaching to each child’s learning style, and that the best learning happened when it didn’t feel like work!

My speech therapy resources are interactive and engaging. They are easily adaptable to target a variety of goals and use with many different students. Whether you are an SLP, SLPA, special education teacher, ESL teacher, behavioral therapist, or parent, I hope you find my resources helpful! I especially love creating no prep and no print resources.

I also began making clipart to use in my resources and started selling them for other teachers to use in their educational materials! The images I create are functional and versatile. They are appropriate for both older and younger students, and are intentionally made to be useful in teaching language concepts and life skills.


I love seeing how you are using my resources and clipart in your classes and projects from around the world. Please share them with me – on InstagramFacebook, or via email!


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