Speech Development

This page is a compilation of my content and my favorite resources available for speech-language development and milestones – discover the best-selling speech therapy handouts, plus blog posts, research, and websites! Bookmark this page or save it to Pinterest with the image at the bottom.


Speech-language development milestones, hierarchies, and charts! Your in-depth guide to speech development norms. Evidence-based infographics with explanations for early intervention, speech sound development, early language acquisition, and more.

A best-seller and a must-have for SLPs and SLPAs.

15 reference pages that provide an overview of speech and language development at different ages. Great for concise, easy-to-understand handouts to give to parents based on age!

Your one-stop-shop for caregiver handouts. 

Grammar development handouts and charts! This resource outlines the big-picture of grammar acquisition in early childhood. It reviews the different aspects of syntactic structures, why they are critical for communication, and what makes them especially difficult.

Feel confident in grammar intervention and building syntactic skills in older students.

Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy development milestones, hierarchies, and charts! Evidence-based infographics with explanations for fine motor, gross motor, visual motor, sensory skills, activities of daily living, emotional regulation, feeding and oral motor skills, handwriting, play skills, and more.


60+ infographics covering speech and language development, IPA chart, anatomy images labeled, speech targets for common toys, information on cleft palates and sensory processing disorder, and much much more!


The Informed SLP – A subscription-based service that summarizes new research every month!