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This page is a compilation of my content and my favorite resources available for early intervention and preschool speech therapy – discover tons of ideas, activities, websites, and resources for this population! Bookmark this page or save it to Pinterest with the image at the bottom!


Cause and Effect Toys for Early Intervention
Preschool Must-Haves for Speech Therapy

Sensory Play in Speech Therapy
Using Interactive Books (+ a freebie)
The Importance of Movement
Creative Ways to Use Trinkets
Easy Speech Therapy Activities to do Today
Using Pictures for One-Item, No-Prep Therapy
Strategies for Tantrum-Free Transitions
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5 Easy Ways to Make An Activity Engaging
The Importance of Open-Ended Play

Play Kitchen in Speech Therapy
12 Ways to Use Mr Potato Head
Toy Farm in Speech Therapy
6 Ways to Use Ball Poppers
Playhouse in Speech Therapy
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Train Set in Speech Therapy
Play Dough Mats in Speech Therapy
Unique Ways to Use Puppets


Teach Me to Talk– A fantastic resource geared towards parents. The posts have lots of thorough information for early language.
Linguisystems Communication Milestones – A downloadable PDF breaking down speech and language milestones.ย 
The Hanen Centre – A great resource for early language.ย 
Preschool toys ideas
Open-ended play ideas
Versatile therapy tools


MyPlayHome – Target just about every language goal and easily incorporate articulation or discuss pragmatics. I mostly use it to work on pronouns, verbs, following directions, sentence formulation, sequencing, and turn-taking. There is also a school, stores, and hospital ones! A free “lite” version is available.

Make a Scene – A sticker app with sound effects! Use for vocabulary, following directions, prepositions, describing, wh questions, or as a reinforcer! There are 10 themes for $19.99 or purchase individually for $2.99


The Informed SLP – A subscription-based service that summarizes new research every month!


Farm Interactive Book – Farm themed interactive book targeting various speech and language goals.

Behavior Social Story – A social story mini-book on how to handle frustration in color and black & white. A great way to discuss feelings and appropriate ways to express them!

Category Match-Up – Practice categories and associations with this NO PREP resource!

Barrier Games – Barrier games are a great way to incorporate many skills: expressive skills (giving directions), receptive skills (following directions), social skills, basic concepts, vocabulary, categorization, sentence formation, and storytelling.

Play Dough Mats – Use as an open-ended reinforcer, for following directions, play skills, or fine motor skills.

What Doesn’t Belong Scenes – Practice negation, association, and categories with this 5 page, no-prep activity!


Speech-Language Development Handouts – Speech therapy development charts, milestones, and hierarchies for early intervention, preschool, and elementary-aged children! Evidence-based infographics with definitions and explanations.


Basic Concepts Bundle – Temporal, Qualitative, Quantitative, Negation. Perfect for introducing basic concepts in repetitive, consistent activities that keep kids engaged. No prep, print and go pages (or just open on your device)!


Basic Concepts 2 Bundle – Adjectives, Opposites, Emotions, Categories. Perfect for introducing basic concepts in speech therapy with repetitive, consistent worksheets that keep kids engaged. No prep, print and go pages (or just open on your device)!

Prepositions Bundle – Perfect for introducing prepositions and positional concepts in repetitive, consistent activities that keep kids engaged. No prep, print and go pages (or just open on your device)! Black and white pages included for an ink-saving option or to send home!

Seasons Language Scenes – Versatile, no prep or no print scenes to target many language goals: WH questions, following directions, verbs, prepositions, possessive nouns & pronouns, third-person pronouns, formulating sentences, and conversation skills. Grab the growing bundle to get all sets discounted + all future sets for free!

Interactive Books Bundle – Keep busy bodies engaged, are a perfect on-the-go therapy tool, and target countless expressive and receptive goals. Included are flashcards, worksheets, and activities for pronouns, possessive nouns, verbs, sentence structure, WH questions, following directions, inferences, categorizing and more.

Sensory Bin Seasons Vocab & Object Function – Target object function and seasonal vocabulary with this fun activity! This product was made as a sensory bin activity but can also be used as flashcards with any game.

Home Themed Life Skills – Target many expressive and receptive language goals with these fun interactive books that are house themed! All first pages include the room scene with items to move and use with the scene. The rest of the pages target a variety of goals that are interactive (coloring, circling, writing, and connecting answers).

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