Using Pictures in Speech Therapy: One-Item, No-Prep Speech

No-prep therapy! Pictures in speech therapy: use ONE picture to practice MANY speech therapy language targets!

Do you find yourself needing to streamline things? We don’t have a lot of excess time at work for therapy session prep, putting together resources, or paperwork.  I’m always trying to find ways to be more productive and make things easier. I quickly learned that being able to use one item in therapy significantly decreased my prep time and made mixed groups easier! If I got really good at being creative with one toy or item and all the ways I could use it, it made therapy much smoother for me.

I’m all about less is more and making my life easier.

Pinterest Scenes

Years ago I began collecting busy picture scenes on a Pinterest board.  I pull up the board on my computer or tablet in a session, find a picture, and immediately I’m able to work on tons of language goals! And my students love it, especially if they get to pick the picture! I target vocabulary, verbs, sentence formulation, WH questions, following directions, inferences, prepositions, nouns and pronouns, conversation skills, and more! Feel free to check out this board and follow it so you can begin using it. The board has over 100 picture scenes!

Language Scenes

The more I used these pictures, the more I liked them…but I wanted something that I could use with my preschoolers and I wanted to be able to target certain language goals more directly and consistently. In true fashion, I began creating my own scenes that were exactly what I wanted and needed! I’ve continued to create many with fun themes – and there are more are in the works!

These “language scenes” have become a staple for me and others! They include a themed picture scene and activities (to use with the scene) that target many language goals. This makes them great for mixed groups or to reach many students on your caseload. And even better you can easily use them as a NO PREP or NO PRINT activity!

These language scenes include:

  • The themed scene
  • Pre-made 1-step, 2-step, 3-step directions to use with the black & white scene
  • Conversation/writing prompts to use with scene
  • Present and past tense verb cards
  • Prepositions cards
  • Cards targeting nouns, third person pronouns & possessive pronouns

Discover all the fun seasonal and holiday ones here!

Have you ever utilized picture scenes in therapy? What other skills would you target?

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