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This page is a compilation of my content and my favorite resources available for articulation and phonology in speech therapy – discover tons of ideas, activities, websites, and resources! Bookmark this page or save it to Pinterest with the image at the bottom!


Eliciting Sounds
Children’s Speech: An Evidence-Based Approach to Assessment and Intervention
The Giant Book of Phonology
The Easy R Therapy Program
Webber Jumbo Artic Drill Book


Book Share Time – Find books to incorporate your target sound!
Mommy Speech Therapy – Word lists and more!
Home Speech Home – Word lists
ASHA Speech Sound Disorder Norms


Articulation Station Pro – A Little Bee Speech app. A comprehensive app for articulation including data tracking. Work from the word level to stories! Purchase by sound or all 22 sounds for $59.99

Articulate PlusA Smarty Ears app. A multi-player app for articulation. It 2000 images for the word, phrase, sentence, and story level for consonants, digraphs, and consonant clusters. $46.99

Phonics Studio – Real photo flashcards broken up by sound. $1.99

Speech FlipBook – Select what sound and position you want to work on and it creates words. Record yourself and listen to correct productions! Not only great for articulation, childhood apraxia of speech, phonemic awareness, and phonics skills. $9.99

Speech Tutor Pro – Includes articulation screeners and articulation decks. In addition, there are animations to watch different views (front, side) of sound production. $39.99

SCIP – Sound Contrasts in Phonology – The most comprehensive phonology app. Choose your targets and the approach you want to use: multiple oppositions, minimal pairs, maximal oppositions, treatment of the empty set, or vowel contrasts. $99.99

staRT– An app for biofeedback! Use the microphone and see your speech wave in real-time. This helps with articulation correction as you try to match the wave.  FREE


Throatscope – An illuminated tongue depressor! Great for oral motor exams.


Easy and Creative Articulation Card Activities
Free Speech Therapy Printables: Norms, Milestones, and More
Creative Ways to Use Trinkets
Easy Speech Therapy Activities to do Today
Using Pictures for One-Item, No-Prep Therapy
5 Easy Ways to Make An Activity Engaging


The Informed SLP – A subscription-based service that summarizes new research every month!


ipa chartArticulation Assessment and IPA Chart – “Quick Articulation Check” is for speech-language pathologists, who may need to quickly and informally assess articulation. In addition, it can serve as an IPA chart reference.

Gliding Minimal Pairs – Target gliding in the initial position with this activity! This product was designed as a sensory bin activity but can also be used on its own with any game.

SLP Handy Handouts – Free speech therapy printables! These handouts cover a variety of topics to use as cheat sheets or print out. I will continue to update as more are made.

Open-Ended Dice Games – Fill in targets on each activity for your students depending on their goals.

Play Dough Mats – Use as an open-ended reinforcer, for following directions, play skills, or fine motor skills.

Talk Like a Pirate Day Reinforcers – Open-ended reinforcers to use for “Talk Like a Pirate Day” or year-round!


Speech-Language Development Handouts – Speech therapy development charts, milestones, and hierarchies! Evidence-based infographics with definitions and explanations. Includes speech norms for English and Spanish, phonological patterns, and speech intelligibility norms.


Articulation Barrier Games – This barrier games resource is geared towards working on articulation with sound-loaded scenes and pieces for /s/, /r/, /l/, “sh”, “ch”, and “th.”


Consonant Cluster Reduction – Target cluster reduction with /s/, /r/, and /l/ blends in all positions – step by step with engaging pictures and interactive activities!

Final Consonant Deletion – Practice the final consonants /m,p,b,k,g,t,d/ at the word, utterance, or sentence levels.

Fronting and Backing – Fronting and backing activities to target sounds within CV’s, words, and sentences for generalization!

Multisyllabic Words – Practice multisyllabic words in a fun puzzle and zoo-themed activity designed for speech and language intervention!

Fronting and Backing Mazes – Work on the phonological processes of fronting and backing in speech therapy with these engaging mazes! Includes 58 minimal pairs separated by sounds and positions in maze and flash card formats.

Gliding Mazes – Work on the phonological process of gliding in speech therapy with these engaging mazes! Includes 60 minimal pairs separated by sounds and positions in maze and flash card formats.

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