Life Skills Interactive Books: House Bundle


Target many expressive and receptive language goals with these fun interactive books that are house themed!

Number of pages: 83


Functional language and life skills activities for speech therapy and special education.

Target many language skills with this engaging, house themed interactive book that are appropriate for all ages! Includes kitchen, bathroom, laundry, and bedroom.

Bedroom Interactive Book
Bathroom Interactive Book
Kitchen Interactive Book
Laundry Interactive Book

Perfect for:
➜ targeting both language and daily life skills
➜ working on following functional directions
➜ hands-on, engaging activities
➜ all ages

► Life Skills
► Vocabulary
► Following Directions
► Inferences
► Categories
► Associations
► Object Function
► Basic Concepts
► Prepositions
► Sequencing

Each interactive book includes the pages for the book. All first pages include the room scene with items to move and use with the scene. The rest of the pages target a variety of goals that are interactive (coloring, circling, writing, and connecting answers).

They also include pages for the teacher or parent to read while the child follows the direction using the interactive book.

SAVE WITH THE BUNDLE! If you buy the bundle, do not buy any separately – they are all included in the bundle.



“Such a fun and engaging resource! I’ve used this resource with a variety of clients of all ages, and one thing for sure is that the fact that it’s an interactive resource makes all clients engaged and truly enjoy this resource! Very functional and allows for great use of apply skills into the home setting.”

“Just what I was looking for!!! A functional, life skills packet that can be used for a wide variety of disorders. These books will be a main go-to in my therapy products. Great for individual use and/or carry-over.”

“This is a great resource that can be used with multiple levels, both preschool and older functional students. Thanks!”

“I like all the different activities included in this bundle so that I can target many areas about one topic. This was great for many different student levels and targets!”


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