Free Speech Therapy Activities for Toddlers

free speech therapy activities for toddlers

Download free speech therapy activities, printables, and handouts for preschoolers!  Work on critical communication skills and language development whether you are an SLP, educator, or parent working with your child at home.

Click on the title to view and download these free activities! I hope you enjoy these resources!


Free Farm Interactive Book

The interactive book contains 3 scenes (the farm, inside the barn, and the farm at night) with 10 farm-themed pieces. The book allows you to flip through the scenes and move the pieces onto the pages. Use to work on vocabulary, prepositions, and increasing MLU.


Speech Therapy for Toddlers Cheat Sheet

11 ways to get toddlers talking! This is a summary reference list of effective language stimulation and modeling techniques. Perfect handout for parents of late talkers or language delayed children.

Association Puzzles

This packet consists of 12 association puzzles to target a variety of speech and language skills including associations, vocabulary, increasing MLU, verbal reasoning, and answering questions! 

Category Match Up

Practice categories and associations with this NO PREP resource! You may also open on your device for a NO PRINT option. Directions included on how to draw on PDFs on your tablet or computer.


Articulation and Phonology Minimal Pairs Smash Mats

Includes 5 sets- Gliding, Fronting, Stopping, Cluster Reduction, and Final Consonant Deletion.

Speech Sound Cue Cards

This packet contains speech sound cue and prompt cards for 21 consonant sounds and 14 vowel sounds (including 4 diphthongs). On each card is a picture of a mouth showing how to produce the sound, as well as a picture to help remind your students what sound they are working on! 

Sound Loaded Book Lists for Articulation

A list of my favorite sound-loaded books to target articulation of specific phonemes.

Caveman and Dinos Barrier Game

Barrier games for speaking and listening skills in speech therapy, ESL, and more! Target many skills: expressive skills (giving directions), receptive skills (following directions), social skills, basic concepts, vocabulary, categorization, sentence formation, and storytelling. Premade directions page included!


Basic Concepts Mini Book

Practice basic concepts: next to, beside, in front, between, left, right, over, under, above, and below.

Sock Monkey Functions

A no print activity that targets functions of basic objects using multiple-choice pictures! 

What Doesn’t Belong? Scenes

Practice negation, association, and categories with this 5 page, no-prep activity!



Easter WH Questions

Work on wh questions with these Easter-themed scenes. 

WH Question Pizza Party

90 question cards included while you build a pizza!

Speech Therapy Handouts

Developmental norms and milestones handouts for toddlers.

speech therapy handouts

Read this post to find ideas for speech therapy activities for toddlers, including toys, games, and books!


Thanks for reading! Do you have any other free speech therapy activities for toddlers to add to this list?

Get more speech resources and access to the freebie library too!


Free Speech Therapy Activities Toddlers

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