Barrier Games Bundle


Barrier games for speech therapy. Use this flexible therapy tool to work on many language goals in an engaging, interactive way! Get all 20 barrier games resources at a discount.

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Barrier games are a flexible therapy tool to target speaking and listening skills. They are great for speech therapy, ESL, and more! They work exceptionally well for mixed groups, to generalize concepts, and social skills groups!

➜ Want to streamline therapy planning?
➜ Want to utilize more open-ended materials that can be used to work on multiple goal areas?
➜ Need resources for mixed groups, individual sessions, or social skills groups?

This bundle includes 20 barrier game resources with a variety of seasons, holidays, and fun themes. It has 32 printable barrier games + 10 digital barrier games.

All barrier games include:

  • The scene
  • The pieces to go with the scene
  • Printable barrier games include black and white versions

Use barrier games to target:

  • Vocabulary
  • Adjectives
  • Spatial concepts
  • Following multi-step directions
  • Sequential directions
  • Social skills
  • Categorization
  • Sentence and question formulation…and more!

How to play:
Give everyone playing a scene and set of pieces. Set up a barrier between players (e.g. file folder). One person (clinician or student) arranges all their pieces on the scene and then gives directions to other player(s) on where to place the items. The purpose of the game is to have matching scenes at the end. You can play one-on-one with your student, two students with each other, or a group of students with another group.

You can put sticky tack on each piece so it will stick to the scene – or simply just place on the scene. Barrier games are also commonly played on a magnetic surface. You can play on cookie sheets and place pieces on a thin, sticky magnet if you wish.

Nontraditional ways to play:

  • Target a specific goal – I control the game by giving the student a scene and verbally give them a list of directions to follow (without trying to match another board). There are premade directions for each game for vocab, adjectives, prepositions, multi-step directions, and sequential directions. The pieces included purposefully have varying attributes (i.e. a big and little ball, different colored backpacks, etc.)
  • Social skills – Have your student give YOU directions! This requires a whole new level of skills to plan out and use expressive language to accurately describe the pieces and where they are in the scene. This provides opportunities such as making eye contact and clarifying directions.
  • Articulation – Use the articulation barrier game with sound loaded scenes and pieces for /s/, /r/, /l/, “sh”, “ch”, and “th”. A barrier game makes it easy to target these sounds at the word, phrase, sentence, and conversation levels.
  • Digital – Having no print activities comes in handy when you are traveling to different locations or are doing teletherapy. The digital barrier games have an open play scene that is flexible and then directions on each slide. The student drags and drops the piece into the correct location and then self-check their answer.



Why You Should Be Using Barrier Games in Speech Therapy


“These barrier activities have been one of my main therapy tools since I discovered them–awhile ago now–and they keep getting better! After laminating pictures, I use Aleene’s Tack it Over and Over again so that students can move pieces anywhere in the scene. I write goals for giving and following directions, and students in groups take turns as speaker and listener. These are incredible flexible tools across a range of skill levels. Over distance learning, my students easily transitioned to the digital format, for which I was very very grateful. Thank you for this excellent resource!!!”

“This is a great buy. We all have students working on WH questions, following directions (spatial, multi-step, vocabulary based, etc). This is such a flexible resource and can really be used in so many different ways!”

“My kids love using the interactive pieces for these tasks. These are great for comprehension and expressive language tasks. So versatile! Definitely worth the cost and prep time!”

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