Irregular Past Tense Verbs

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This is a great activity to practice irregular past tense verbs for any level of learner. Activities are interactive and broken up into past tense verb patterns so you are able to teach in a logical manner – includes over 100 different irregular verbs!

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Irregular past tense verbs task cards and worksheets. This is a great activity to practice irregular past tense verbs for any level of learner.

The main activity includes before and after picture cards of children performing various actions. The other activities are interactive and broken up into past tense verb patterns so you are able to teach in a logical manner.

The packet includes over 100 different irregular verbs!

Great for:

➜ teaching by verb pattern.
➜ teaching common verbs.
➜ introducing and generalizing irregular verbs.
➜ printing in black and white to send home.
➜ review the development of past tense verbs.
➜ having an organized, logical way to teach irregular verbs.

INCLUDES (in color and black & white):

Irregular Past Tense Verbs Development

Irregular Past Tense Verbs Word List

Spinner Game
6 different types of irregular past tense verbs. Use these interactive games to introduce irregular past tense verbs in an organized, logical way.
➜ unchanged verbs
➜ -ought/-aught
➜ -ang/-ung
➜ -ew
➜ -t
➜ long /o/

Dice Game
24 miscellaneous, common irregular past tense verbs.

Present progressive & Past tense verbs Cards + Cards Place Mat
24 before and after pairs.

Board Game for Generalization
Practice irregular past tense verbs in a less structured activity to begin generalization. Includes the pictures from the cards as well as new pictures.

Black and white versions are included for every page. Use as an ink-saving option or to send home!


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Although I have a ton of verb activities, this is one of my go tos! A big reason for this is because of how the spinner games are grouped by pattern change…the verb cards are also really nice – great illustrations that clearly show present vs past tense.”

“This is one of the best visual activities I’ve come across for Irregular Past Tense Verbs. It helps break down the endings into nice groups with a fun spinner game.”

“Great resource! Grouping the words by pattern of how they change was very helpful to my speech and language students who struggle to remember the various irregular past tense verb forms.”


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4 reviews for Irregular Past Tense Verbs

  1. Jordanastaiman

    I work in teletherapy and don’t ever pay for resources because there are so many free ones available. But for this I made an exception and have not regretted it. ‘These worksheets are the only ones I’ve seen which divide up the irregular past tense verbs into patterns which makes it more orderly to teach my students. Thanks for this great idea and resource.

  2. Nicole

    I absolutely love this packet. When I first started having to teach irregular verbs in therapy I was so lost. Now that I have this packet it has become a breeze and the success rate has significantly shown. Thanks so much for this. I feel it even taught me a few rules as far as changing the vowel. Growing up we simply learned it with no explanation so it has been super helpful.

  3. Chelsea

    This product is amazing because it breaks down the verbs into different groups and their word endings such as -ought, -ept, etc.

  4. Gina Marucci

    I come back to this product with each student working on past-tense verb forms! I love how the verbs are organized by rule, which helps my students learn the patterns much faster. This product is thorough and works for therapy sessions or as homework practice!

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