Sensory Bin: Spring Object Function


Target object function and spring vocabulary with this fun activity! This product was designed as a sensory bin activity but can also be used as flash cards with any game.

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Looking for an object function card activity? This makes it easy to work on spring-themed vocabulary and makes an engaging speech therapy activity to use in the spring!

These cards make it easy and engaging to work on expressively identifying object functions and receptively identifying object functions.

This product was designed as a sensory bin activity but can also be used as cards with any game.


  • Vocabulary and object function development
  • 18 bees/frogs to expressively tell object function
  • 12 cards to receptively identify object function

Cut closely around the bees, frogs, & cards. Laminate if desired for durability. Hide them in the sensory bin – I like to place the heads of the bees and frogs so they are visible while burying the receptive cards. Have the child select a bee or a frog and ask them:
“What is ____ for?” or have them find a receptive card and answer the question.
The receptive cards are great for non-verbal kids or those first being introduced to object function.

What are sensory bins?
Sensory bins are a tactile experience in containers usually filled with beans, rice, noodles, beads, corn, or sand. In addition to putting in these cards, you may put in any toys in which you can discuss the object function of (e.g. mini toy shovel, glasses) or toys that are a motivator. For example, pick a card & state the object function, then find a dinosaur hiding in the rice!



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Summer Object Function
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