25 Wordless Picture Books for Speech Therapy

25 Wordless Picture Books Speech Therapy

Wordless picture books are some of my favorite tools to use with children of all ages. If you’re not currently using them, I highly recommend getting a few books and introducing them into your speech therapy practice. Because there are only illustrations, wordless picture books are a versatile tool with tons of language opportunities.  They give children (and you!) the chance to explore language in creative and engaging ways.

Ways to use wordless picture books:

  • Dissect the Illustrations: Have children describe what they see in the picture. This could be as simple as pointing out an object they recognize or more complex in describing the scene.
  • Tell a Detailed Story: Start a narrative for the story, then ask the child to take over. Ask engaging questions to get them to expand on the story they create.
  • Ask for a Prediction/Recommendation: Ask the child what they think will happen next or what they think the main character in the story should do next.
  • Retell the Script: Go through the book with a script to tell the story. Have the child retell the story again in their own words.
  • Ask for an Opinion: Once you’ve completed the story, ask the child to tell you what they did or did not like about the story or its illustrations.
  • Inferencing: Wordless picture books are highly dependent on making inferences to comprehend the story. This makes them perfect for working on inferring from pictures.  Making inferences from picture books is a great in-between step between simple pictures and text-based inferences.
  • Comprehension Goals: Picture books are an awesome way to work on and access comprehension goals with students who have difficulty reading.

Favorite wordless picture books:

wordless picture book speech therapy 1


The Red Book




wordless picture book speech therapy 2

A Boy, a Dog, and a Frog

The Adventures of Polo: A Picture Book



The Lion & the Mouse

wordless picture book speech therapy 3


A Ball for Daisy



Snowman’s Story

wordless picture book speech therapy 4


Three Red Balloons

The Flower Man

Frog, Where Are You? (A Boy, a Dog, and a Frog)

Good Dog, Carl: A Classic Board Book

wordless picture book speech therapy 5

Mr. Wuffles! 

Looking Down

Sector 7 

Frog Goes to Dinner (A Boy, a Dog, and a Frog)

Frog on His Own (A Boy, a Dog, and a Frog)


Thanks for reading!
Do you have any other books to add to this list?

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wordless picture books speech therapy

6 Responses

  1. ThAnk you for this list!! I have a couple wordless books and want to get more. One of my favorites is Carl’s Afternoon in the Park (of Good Dog Carl). It’s perfect for spring!

  2. Love this. I’m always looking for wordless picture books to use in therapy. Would add Goodnight Gorilla to the list!

  3. Thanks for compiling a great list! I love all of Barbara Lehman’s books. You already have The Red Book on your list, but I also like Rainstorm, The Secret Box and Museum Trip. Once Upon a Banana is great by Jennifer Armstrong. Aaron Becker has a third book called Quest. And the last one I’ll mention is Where’s Walrus? by Stephen Savage.

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