6 Educating and Inspiring TED Talks on Autism

educational TED Talks on autism post

April is Autism Awareness Month, or better yet, Acceptance Month. Autism is a life-long social communication disorder and has become a hot topic in our society. I rounded up some TED Talks on autism – ranging from research to experiences. Learn the history of diagnosing autism, what it is like to live with autism or have a family member with autism. Feel free to share this post to help with awareness and acceptance!

1. The Forgotten History of Autism

Steve Silberman discusses the interesting history of diagnosing autism and the “perfect storm of autism awareness”. 


2. To Understand Autism, Don’t Look Away

Carina Morillo, a mother of a teen with autism, talks about how she learned to connect with her nonverbal son and how we don’t need to be heroic to include and connect to those with autism.


3. Autism – what we know (and what we don’t know yet)

Geneticist Wendy Chung shares the research behind what we know about autism spectrum disorder.


4. What I’ve Learned From My Autistic Brothers

Faith Jegede shares her experience growing up with 2 autistic brothers and asks us to change our perception of “normal.”


5. The Will of Opportunity — The Path of Autism to College

Kerry Magro was a non-verbal child and now has a Master in Strategic Communication and Leadership. 

6. Autism: Vaccines, Brain Science, and Adolescence

Suzy Scherf is a developmental cognitive neuroscientist. She discusses myths about autism and the science behind adolescence being a vulnerable period of development for individuals with autism.

I hope you enjoyed watching these videos and learned something! I attribute TED as the owner of these 6 TED talk videos. Visit them at TED.com

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educational TED Talks on autism

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