5 Insightful TED Talks by People with a Communication Disorder

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As providers for those with communication disorders, it is important to gain an understanding of what it is like to have a communication barrier! Here are 5 TED talks by people with various communication disorders providing insight into how they think and process information, as well as their thoughts on their disorders.

1. How I Learned to Communicate My Inner Life with Asperger’s
Alix Generous, a woman with Asperger’s discusses how she is a “lucid dreamer” and visual thinker, allowing her to be innovative.

2. The Enchanting Music of Sign Language
Born deaf, Christine Sun Kim, explains how sound is part of her life and how music and ASL have many similarities.

3. The World Needs All Kinds of Minds
Temple Grandin discusses the different ways those with autism think – and why we need autistic minds!

4. How Autism Freed Me to Be Myself
An autistic girl talks about her vivid imagination and how she perceives the world.

5. Why I Live in Mortal Dread of Public Speaking
Megan Washington, a singer, discusses what it is like being a performer with a stutter.

I attribute TED as the owner of these 6 TED talk videos. Visit them at TED.com

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