6 Thought-Provoking TED Talks for Speech-Language Pathologists

TED Talks for SLPs

I really love listening to TED Talks. They have videos on just about every topic that could pique your interest and are a perfect length, around 15 minutes. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite speech-related ones!

1. A Word Game to Communicate in Any Language
An app developer for non-verbal communication discusses a picture communication app he created to improve the complexity and grammar of its user’s language, allowing them to communicate more effectively.

2. This is Your Brain on Communication
A neuroscientist explaining how our brains respond and align while communicating – expressively and receptively.

3. The Linguistic Genius of Babies
The amazing way babies take statistics to learn language, well before they can talk. (More research on how important it is to talk to your baby!)

4. How Language Transformed Humanity
An interesting listen on how language, our ability to learn and share information, is what has made us a superior species.

5. 10 Ways to Have a Better Conversation
An applicable talk for anyone and great things to keep in mind when teaching pragmatics.

6. What Our Language Habits Reveal
A fascinating look at grammar and word meaning of language.

I attribute TED as the owner of these 6 TED talk videos. Visit them at TED.com

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