4 Ways to Find Quality, Free Speech Therapy Materials

free speech therapy materials

Tips and tricks on how to gain access to all the amazing free speech and language resources out there – for all you speech therapists, special education teachers, autism educators, ESL teachers, and preschool teachers!

There are THOUSANDS of free resources out there waiting to be found. When I first started working I would use Google to try and find resources with hit or miss results. Over the years I’ve discovered much better ways to find freebies!

  1. TEACHERS PAY TEACHERS (TpT) – Search TpT for free speech therapy materials. Select the categories: “speech therapy” (under the specialty category) and “free” before searching. There are thousands of FREE products ready to be automatically downloaded!
  2. PINTEREST – I know, Pinterest. A lot of people view Pinterest as social media, but it’s not. It’s a search engine! You’ll more likely find what you’re looking for, and quicker, if you use Pinterest over Google. Also, there are collaborative boards on Pinterest where SLP authors combine and post their freebies. These are great boards to follow to see lots of freebies in one place! In fact, go follow this board! www.pinterest.com/allisonfors/speech-therapy-freebies/
  1. EMAIL NEWSLETTERS – Many SLP authors have email newsletters where they send out exclusive freebies. Go to your favorite author’s websites and sign up for their email list! Sign up for mine below and gain access to the exclusive freebie library.
  1. FOLLOW SELLERS – Some sellers discount new products for the first day or two and will have spontaneous flash freebies. Staying up to date on sellers can benefit you immensely! You can do this by following their blogs, TpT store, and on social media.

Do you have any other go-to ways you find free materials?

free speech therapy

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