Amazon Must-Haves for SLPs and Special Educators

Amazon Must Haves for SLPs and Special Educators

The ultimate Amazon guide for speech therapists and special educators – these lists are constantly updated. These are my best speech therapy materials from Amazon!

Amazon makes shopping and finding a good deal easy. Especially with the Prime membership, you can get things within 1-2 days of ordering. Amazon tends to have the best prices and it’s easy to compare similar products and read reviews.  I have saved a lot of time, stress, and energy not having to make last-minute runs to Target or Walmart!

Below I compiled my favorite Amazon finds for speech therapists and special education teachers into categories. I am constantly updating these lists with my new discoveries!


versatile speech therapy tools

early intervention toys

open ended play toys[/one_third][one_third]

social skills games

sensory needs productswordless picture books[/one_third][one_third]

favorite therapy books

must have office supplies speech therapy

lifestyle favorites[/one_third]

You can also visit my Amazon storefront to see more categories!
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Early Intervention and Preschool Toys
Open Ended Play
Versatile Therapy Tools


Favorite Books
Wordless Picture Books


Speech Therapy Board Games
Social Skills Games


Sensory Needs


Must-Have Office Supplies


Cleft Mom Must-Haves
Allison’s Favorite Things
Mom Favorites


  • If you’re a student (all you need is a .edu email address) you can get 6 months of Amazon Prime for free! After your trial ends, you are eligible to receive 50% off Amazon Prime. If you’re about to graduate and head into the workforce, definitely take advantage of this deal before your .edu email address expires!
  • is a site where you can see the price history of an item. Simply paste the Amazon product URL to see if its current price is at a high or low. You can also have them notify you when the price drops via email. I use this feature for bigger purchases that I don’t need immediately.

What are your favorite Amazon finds? What other categories would you like to see?

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Amazon Guide for SLPs and Special Educators

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