Top Amazon Purchases for Your Speech Room

amazon purchases speech therapy

The best Amazon purchases for speech therapy. Grab these versatile speech room essentials today!

When I first started working, I had zero resources and no budget (sound familiar!?) I made some Amazon purchases that I still use years and years later! There are many specific speech therapy and educational resources you can find on Amazon, but these are great basic purchases that aren’t costly, and you can use them across many ages and settings.


My Top Ten Amazon Purchases


I have gotten so much use out of these! Worth every penny. Now, if you have any of Super Duper’s Chipper Chat products, then you don’t need to buy a “magic wand” and chips. I couldn’t afford buying any Chipper Chats out of pocket when I first started working, so these bingo chips were fantastic. I primarily use them as a motivator…and there is NO motivator like the magic wand! I also use the chips as manipulators, for example with multisyllabic words or working on expanding sentences.


I’ve used these for just about everything. They are especially great in group therapy; kids really enjoy having their own board to complete a task.


If you type “manipulatives” into the Amazon search all kinds of amazing things will come up. Really it’s up to you and the population you work with which ones you purchase. They are so versatile in targeting many goals (vocab, prepositions, following directions) and they are so much cheaper on Amazon than in educational stores. Trust me. I’ve made that mistake.


I had one picture book my first year working that I got VERY creative with…using it for vocabulary, conversation starters, basic concepts, building rapport, turn-taking – you name it. Amazon sells used books that are sometimes just a cent! These are not Amazon Prime eligible, but they are pretty affordable even with the shipping cost.


I go through a bottle of bubbles in probably a month. It’s kind of insane but they are just so motivating and good for everything! Instead of buying new bubbles all the time, I purchase a large container and refill my small bubble containers.


If you have an iPad or tablet, a sturdy case is a must. Don’t risk damaging your iPad and needing to pay for a costly repair. My iPad has survived being stepped on, thrown off of tables, and hit with all kinds of objects! I also recommend getting a screen protector to avoid scratches and sticky/drooly fingers making contact with your iPad.


I didn’t have a laminator for a long time but I really consider it a must. I wish I had gotten one much sooner. They are fairly inexpensive and make a huge difference in assembling and preserving those TpT purchases or things you print off the internet. Another cheaper option is using sheet protectors. I did this forever and still do for worksheets I don’t think I’ll use a ton. I have the Scotch Thermal laminator and love it.


These are the laminating sheets I purchase for my Scotch laminator. I buy the 3 mil.


Velcro…the greatest invention ever. Also, I highly suggest spending a little extra on coin (dot) Velcro, because cutting Velcro is kind of the worst. Save your time, save your scissors, save your hand. If you want to extend their use, cut them in half! I use goo gone to clean my sticky scissors afterward. 


A home printer makes life so much easier. I definitely recommend it. Printers might be one of the most frustrating electronics out there but this Brother one is popular and a good budget option. If you aren’t planning on printing in color, then go with a laser printer.


Amazon is my go-to for shopping in all areas of my life. I love my Prime membership, which gets me free 2-day shipping. They tend to have the best prices, and it’s easy to compare similar products and read reviews.  I have saved a lot of time, stress, and energy by not having to make last-minute runs to Target or Walmart!

  • If you’re a student (all you need is a .edu email address) you can get 6 months of Amazon Prime for free! After your trial ends, you are eligible to receive 50% off Amazon Prime. If you’re about to graduate and head into the workforce, definitely take advantage of this deal before your .edu email address expires!
  • is a site where you can see an item’s price history. Simply paste the Amazon product URL to see if its current price is high or low. You can also have them notify you when the price drops via email. I use this feature for bigger purchases that I don’t need immediately.
  • Did you know that there are Super Duper items on Amazon? The prices are a little more expensive but most are Prime eligible (free 2-day shipping). Depending on the size of your order and shipping cost, Amazon may end up being the cheaper option.

Want to view more of my Amazon must-haves? See them here!

What are your favorite Amazon purchases for speech therapy?

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amazon purchases speech room

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