Air & Space Themed Barrier Games Speech Therapy – Speaking and Listening Skills


Barrier games for speech therapy. Use this flexible therapy tool to work on many language goals in an engaging, interactive way! They work exceptionally well for mixed groups, to generalize concepts, and social skills groups!

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Are you looking for a way to simplify your therapy planning? Do you need a resource that seamlessly adapts to mixed groups, individual sessions, or social skills groups? Barrier games are just what you need!

Enhance your speech therapy toolkit with barrier games! This printable activity is designed to elevate speaking and listening skills in speech therapy, ESL classes, special education, and beyond. Barrier games address a common challenge many SLPs face: finding adaptable materials that cater to diverse learning needs and objectives.

Barrier games are a therapy tool that transforms the way you approach language goals, making learning an interactive and enjoyable experience for students. Perfect for mixed groups, helping to generalize concepts, and works great in social skills groups.

With a focus on both expressive and receptive skills, these barrier games aid in developing crucial speaking and listening skills like giving and following directions. It’s an engaging way to enhance social skills, basic concepts, vocabulary, categorization, sentence formation, and storytelling. 

➜ Want to streamline therapy planning?
➜ Want to utilize more open-ended materials that can be used to work on multiple goal areas?
➜ Need resources for mixed groups, individual sessions, or social skills groups?


  • Space scene with 12 separate pictures
  • Sky scene with 12 separate pictures
  • List of directions to give with each scene (targeting concepts below)
  • Black and white versions for an ink-saving option


  • Vocabulary: e.g. Put the rocket ship in space.
  • Adjectives: e.g. colors, size, shapes
  • Spatial concepts: e.g. on, in, under, below, next to, between
  • Following multi-step directions
  • Sequential directions: e.g. Before you put the girl on earth, put the alien on the sun.
  • Social skills: e.g. Making eye contact to give/receive instructions and asking questions to clarify instructions.


Give everyone playing a scene and set of pieces. Set up a barrier between players (e.g. file folder). One person (clinician or student) arranges all their pieces on the scene and then gives directions to other player(s) on where to place the items. The purpose of the game is to have matching scenes at the end.

You can put sticky tack on each piece so it will stick to the scene – or simply just place on the scene. Barrier games are also commonly played on a magnetic surface. You can play on cookie sheets and place pieces on a thin, sticky magnet if you wish.

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐“So many different ways to use this resource and adapt for different students! Love that it comes with pages of suggestions for instructions – it makes prep and contingency modification during sessions so much easier!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐“My students loved this resource and it went perfectly with our space theme for therapy! Perfect to use for both receptive and expressive language goals as well as a variety of other targets. Thank you!”




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