9 Games for Speech Therapy Under $30

I know you’ve all heard of Candyland and Cariboo, so I want to share some favorite therapy games that are hopefully new ones you haven’t seen before!

Board games and card games are a great way to incorporate many speech, language, and social skills into therapy! Specifically self-control, turn-taking, focus, problem-solving, flexibility, and teamwork. I love that you can use them for lots of goals and with all ages – making them great for mixed groups!

Speech Therapy Board Games and Card Games Under $30

1. Bubble Talk – $23.10

The judge draws a picture card, then players select the best caption card from their hands and place it face down. The player with the best card wins the round. Great for conversational skills, emotions, wh-questions, context clues, and predictions. Ages 8+

2. Dog Crimes or Cat Crimes – $14.99

Follow the directions on the challenge card to help solve the mystery. This game is perfect for problem-solving, following directions, critical reasoning, and deduction skills as you solve crimes. Ages 8+

3. Dragon Dash – $16.99
A cooperative early learning game for kids. Everyone is on the same team laying down cards to escape the dragon! This board game helps to develop social skills and critical thinking. Ages 5+

4. Blurt! – $26.88

Listen to a definition and the first to “blurt” the word correctly moves ahead on the game board. Perfect for working on vocabulary, word retrieval, and inferences. Ages 7+

5. Half Match Monsters – $14.95

A monster-themed memory game! Designed by an SLP and great for targeting descriptors, listening skills, and wh-questions. Ages 4+

6. Pickles to Penguins – $11.99

A picture card game where you find a connection between two cards! Use it for vocabulary, comparison, categories, describing, and answering wh-questions. Ages 8+

7. Race to the Treasure – $18.95

A cooperative board game! Work together to build a path and collect keys on a race to beat Ogre to the treasure! Cultivate emotional development, shared decision-making, positive self-esteem, and creative problem-solving. Ages 5+

8. Raccoon Rumpus – $14.22

A color-matching game for preschoolers. Roll the dice and dress your raccoon in a clothing item specified on the dice. A great way to introduce turn-taking and waiting in a quick game. Ages 3-5

9. Tell Tale Card Game – $14.99

Storytelling made fun! Create stories with 120 illustrations of characters, settings, objects, and emotions. These cards help with narrative skills, imagination, and understanding story grammar. Ages 6+

Thanks for reading! What are some of your favorite games under $30?

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