My Top Last Minute Therapy Prep Trick

We all have little tricks we learn over time to streamline therapy. One of my go-to tricks for preparing a speech session when you have no time (cause we have all been there, right!?) is a SENSORY BIN!

This is so simple and fast that you can even do it during the session. Sensory bins are also effective because they are interactive and fun for a wide age range.

I keep a sensory bin on-hand with just the filler and then I’m free to throw whatever in and it takes almost to no time. Using a sensory bin automatically makes an activity hands-on and engaging.

For example, hide articulation cards in the box, making a boring artic drill activity much more exciting. Or hide any other flash cards, picture cards, or task cards for the student to find and complete.

I also use my sensory box as a quick reward or reinforcement in the middle or at the end of an activity – just put any type of motivating toys or trinkets. You can even place the pieces of a puzzle or toy for the student to find after each trial and then they can complete or play with the toy at the end.


  • articulation cards
  • flashcards for any target you have on-hand
  • small reinforcers – wind-up toys, balls, cars
  • puzzle pieces
  • easter eggs with items inside
  • conversation starter questions
  • wh- questions
  • story comprehension questions
  • personal information questions

I kept general question cards to target a bunch of general speech goals for years AND finally created some nice ones to laminate! You can grab them here!


  • when you don’t have time to prep a session
  • making drill activities fun
  • streamlining therapy planning
  • all ages

These stimulus cards make it so easy to turn common speech targets into engaging activities.

Stimulus Sensory Bin Cards

If you don’t have a sensory bin on-hand, I highly recommend you make one! They are so motivating for students and are easy and inexpensive to put together. I change out the filler occasionally to keep it interesting.

BUT if you don’t use sensory bins, that’s ok! You can use the cards on their own or hide them around your room!

Unsure what a sensory bin is? Or how to make one? Head here!

Need filler ideas beyond beans?

sensory bin ideas

Thanks for reading!
Do you use sensory bins? What’s your go-to trick to help plan your therapy sessions?

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