7 Wh Questions Activities for Speech Therapy

Asking and answering questions is a critical skill in language development, cognitive growth, and communication skills.

Wh-questions help children expand their vocabulary and grasp more complex sentence structures. By learning to formulate and answer these questions, children enhance their language skills and become better communicators. They can better convey their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. This skill also enhances their ability to engage with peers, teachers, and adults, leading to positive social interactions.

Here are wh- questions activities to download and use now!

Teaching Wh Questions in Speech Therapy

ASKING WH QUESTIONS WORKSHEETS – Teach how to formulate questions with 9 types of questions and 260 questions. This is a leveled resource with generalization activities, visuals, and a development chart. The worksheets contain 2 levels: select the correct wh- word (e.g. who, why, etc.) and select the correct wh- sentence (e.g. Who is it?) for the answer provided.

NO PRINT FORMULATING WH QUESTIONS – Teach how to form questions in a consistent way! This is a NO PRINT, interactive PDF. No printing, cutting, or laminating! Great for speech teletherapy and distance learning! There are two levels and 140 questions included.

STIMULUS CARDS – Versatile cards to instantly turn common speech therapy goals into engaging activities with no prep! Includes, WH questions, personal information questions, conversation starters, story comprehension questions, articulation: word/phrase/sentence, and blank cards to customize with your own targets.

Wh Questions Development

SPEECH-LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT HANDOUTS –This is a “must-have SLP resource” including in-depth hierarchies and charts + parent-friendly explanations and their research. Use them in IEP meetings, as posters for your room, caregiver handouts, to write goals, and more! Stop worrying about memorizing milestones or frantically searching the internet for development charts.

AGE MILESTONES HANDOUTS – These reference pages provide an overview of speech and language milestones at different ages. Great for concise, easy-to-understand handouts to give to parents based on age!

Free Wh Questions Resources

FREE WH QUESTIONS VISUAL SUPPORTS – Speech therapy and classroom visual supports for WH questions! Use when introducing asking and answering questions or as an aid when paired with other activities.

FREE WINTER WH QUESTIONS – Free WH questions for speech therapy and the classroom! Use the questions to work on answering various WH questions, as conversation prompts, in social skills groups, and more. The download contains 20 question strips, plus a digital format with 1 question per page.

What other wh- questions activities would you like to see added?

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