Free Teletherapy Activities for Speech Therapy (to download now!)

free teletherapy activities

Use these digital activities whether you are doing face-to-face speech therapy sessions or teletherapy! I know many of you are in need of NO PRINT resources. To help you, I have linked all my free ones below. There are three different types of free teletherapy activities included: interactive PDFs, Boom cards, and no prep resources. Happy downloading!


No Print Winter Nouns and Pronouns – Work on nouns and expressive and receptive identification of pronouns! Use the winter scene to generalize nouns and pronouns, target WH questions, describing, verbs, or other concepts.

Conversations Starters – Conversation prompts or ice breakers to use with your students! These are great for social skills groups or individual sessions. Work on pragmatic language, articulation, fluency, answering questions, and sentence formulation.


Sentence Scramble – Unscramble the 3-6 word sentences with these digital, self-checking task cards! Work on syntax, grammar, and sequencing by dragging and dropping the words in the correct order.

Sports Themed Reinforcers – Digital reinforcers for teletherapy! Use these open-ended reinforcers to target any goal. Includes 5 different sports themes: basketball, football, soccer, baseball, and tennis. The student will drag a ball/trophy onto the background after a correct response.

Read more about Boom Cards – what they are, how to use them, and more! Boom Cards in Speech Therapy


Birthday Party Language Scenes – Use this birthday party scene to target many language goals – no prep or no print! Includes pre-made WH questions, 1-3 step directions, and conversation prompts.

Basic Concepts Sampler – A sample of basic concepts resources for temporal concepts, emotions, and prepositions.

Draw and write on these no prep activities to make them interactive!  This will allow you to circle or cross out the pictures and make the activity more engaging and hands-on. Discover free programs and apps to do this: How to Draw on PDFs

I hope you enjoy these free teletherapy activities in your sessions and they make your life just a bit easier!

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