27 Basic Concepts Activities for Speech Therapy

Speech therapy basic concepts activities round-up to download and use now!

Basic concepts are an area that speech therapists address because they are the foundation of language development. Being able to understand and use basic concepts are the root of communicating and comprehending language. They are critical for effective communication and success in all other areas of life, including school. For example, basic concepts encompass: following directions and routines, understanding mathematical terminology, and literacy.

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Types of Basic Concepts:


Temporal Concepts – Printable, ready-to-use worksheets to target basic to complex temporal concepts! Concepts included: before/after, first/next/last, first/second/third, beginning/middle/end.

Boom Cards Temporal Concepts – Digital, self-grading, and interactive cards! Temporal concepts included: before/after, first/next/last, first/second/third, beginning/middle/end.

Sequencing Temporal Concepts Cards – This activity is great for introducing the temporal concepts before and after, as well as simple 2-step sequencing.

Boom Cards 3-6 Step Sequencing Bundle – Sequencing events and stories with pictures! This digital resource includes 3-6 step ADL (activities of daily living) sequences. Talk about what happens first, next, last!

Home Life Skills Interactive Books – These functional, home-themed interactive books target tons of language goals – including temporal and spatial basic concepts.


Qualitative Concepts – Target qualitative basic concepts directions with these printable worksheets with varying degrees of difficulty! Concepts included: same/different, separate/together, big/small.

Boom Cards Qualitative Concepts – Digital task cards to teach qualitative concepts, including: same/different, separate/together, big/small.


Quantitative Concepts – Target quantitative basic concepts with print and go worksheets with various levels of difficulty! Concepts included: all/none, one/all, more/less, most/least.

Boom Cards Quantitative Concepts – Boom cards are fun and easy to use! Quantitative concepts included: all/none, one/all, more/less, most/least.


Prepositions Concepts – Spatial prepositions with dog and cat! Perfect for introducing prepositions and positional concepts in repetitive, consistent activities that keep kids engaged. Targets: in/out, on/off, on/in, on/under, over/under, in front/behind, and next to/behind.

Advanced Prepositions – Do your students have down basic prepositions but you need to work on more difficult ones? This resource works on: above/below, inside/outside, top/middle/bottom, near/far, around/through, and towards/away.

Prepositions Play Dough Mats – A no-prep, interactive activity to practice prepositions, build vocabulary, and follow directions! Use play dough, bingo chips, mini objects, or other manipulatives.

preposition mats

Barrier Games – You might already have some barrier games you can use! These barrier games have pre-made sequential directions + spatial directions to practice these skills directly. Read more about what barrier games are and how to use them.

FREE Barrier Game – A free barrier game that includes pre-made sequential and spatial directions to use with your students.

Language Scenes – Use various, themed language scenes year round to target basic concepts. Each scene includes activities targeting prepositions, categories, single and multi-step directions, and more!


FREE Basic Concepts Sampler – Free sample pages from basic concepts resources! Includes temporal, emotions, and prepositions concepts. Introduce basic concepts with repetitive, consistent worksheets that keep kids engaged. Print and go or use digitally!

basic concepts sampler

Emotions Concepts– Work on social-emotional concepts with these no prep, printable, multilevel worksheets! Perfect for introducing feelings in a fun and engaging way.

Emotions Social Skills – Social-emotional learning activities for kids. Help students identify and express their emotions, as well as other people’s feelings.


Categories Concepts – Work on categories with these ready to use printable worksheets! No prep, print and go pages (or just open on your device)!

Negation Concepts – Target negation basic concepts directions with these no prep, printable worksheets!

negation concepts

Boom Cards Negation Concepts – Digital, self-grading task cards to teach negation concepts, including: colors, shapes, animals, size, actions, attributes, categories, and generalization scenes.

Adjectives and Opposites – A great way to teach and assess descriptors and modifiers! You can easily teach opposites and negation with this print and go activity.

Patterns and Textures Concepts – Work on patterns and textures with these no prep, printable worksheets! These pages are left open ended for flexibility for what pattern/texture words you want to target.

FREE Birthday Party Mini Picture Scene – This print and go freebie includes a language scene along with 1-step, 2-step, and 3-step directions including colors, sizes, and other concepts.


Speech Therapy Language Visuals and Graphic Organizers – Speech therapy visual supports for basic concepts, language, vocabulary, and grammar. A staple for language therapy!

visual support and graphic organizers


Speech-Language Development Handouts – Speech therapy development charts, milestones, and hierarchies! Evidence-based infographics with definitions and explanations. Includes for basic concepts, prepositions, and more.

FREE Speech Therapy Handouts – Download these handouts which contain development stages and more information for language, as well as other areas of speech-language pathology.

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